Started in October trying to get a new power chair for my mother-in-law who is 91. Scooter store was very good to call back and help get all the paperwork done.

The chair was delivered in December and that was that. No one showed her anything about the chair. We have tried everything to get the chair to fit her and help her use it. However, she is unable to use it at all.

There are some major problems with the chair. She need to have someone fix it to her specifications. No one at the Scooter is willing to help her. I have called till I'm blue in the face.

Not a single person will call me back. All I get is the biggest run around from everyone I talk with. Finally someone calls my poor mother-in-law who has limited breathing ability and berates her about the chair, so much so that she cries and hangs up. Then they try and tell me that she would not work with any of their suggestions.

I told them countless times to please call ME!! No one at the company will listen to you. It's as if they operate from a script. They're too busy to call back, they are off for Christmas vacations, it's Monday and they don't accept calls.

Are you kidding me how do they stay in business. I'll tell you it's a Medicare scam!!! I have notified Medicare about their unwillingness to work with us and they will not be getting paid from Medicare until we get this resolved. What they have is not customer service it's customer run around and they are good at it.

Think twice before shopping with Scooter Store. I will be getting the word out trust me. I am beyond PISSED.

Mr. Landon you and your company should be ashamed!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3999.

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