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My disabled husband received the TSS 450 model chair.This chair was designed by The Scooter Store for reimbursement primarily in Medicare/Medicaid Patients.

It will not even fit through either entrance to the home. It's way to wide and unsafe and the controls are to sensitive and dangerous. Not only that but the base of the chair comes with The Scooter Store name and 1-800 phone number on it. Forces unhappy disabled customers to advertise Scooter Store mobility device product for FREE!

Terrible experience from beginning to end. Even their, "Office of the President", staff won't make good on their TV promises regarding customer satisfication.

We've complained online, Medicaid and Department of Justice.Suggest other's do the same, since they have defrauded Medicaid/Medicare program in past, even having to pay back millions of dollars.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Roswell, New Mexico, United States #721052

My husband's power chair constantly needs the arm with the controls put back on.The way it is made you cannot get regular tools in the space to fix it.

We have to duck tape it (glad there is black duct tape). I have called the Scooter store on 08/22/13 and they put in a repair request after it was okayed through my private insurance (do not have part B of Medicare. The repair office called and said they would be down in a couple of weeks, and you guessed it they never came or called. My husband cannot use a walker or cane and can only move around in the house and outside with his power chiar.

I am waiting to see if they filed a false claim with my insurance.

Now none of the phone numbers I called are no longer in service.I believe there is a special place in *** for people who take advantage of the elderly or disabled.

to Anonymous #721079

There is a common very cheap tool called an allen wrench (also called hex wrench)that will tighten the arm.It's not uncommon to have to tighten the screw on the control arm as well as some other screws on the chair.

Considering all the movement and pressure from getting in and out of the chair, one has to expect to do some minor maintenance, especially on the arms. You might be able look up the size of the wrench in the paperwork you got with the chair or call the Scooter Store and ask them what size allen wrench you need. If you know the size you can buy a single allen wrench for the *** need to tighten or buy a full set. Try looking at a dollar store first, all the dollar stores by me have them.

You don't need to spend a lot of money since it will be for occasional use.

You can get them at any hardware store (full set) that sells screwdrivers, hammers, etc.If you buy them at an auto supply you will probably spend more but they will have the individual sizes.


Apparently your husband tried using the chair because you said the controls are too sensitive and dangerous.This being said, how did they get the chair inside of your house for your husband to use if it's too wide to fit through the entrances?

Maybe it was a tight fit but they did manage to get it inside. If you are concerned that the chair doesn't go back through the door easily so it can be used outside of the home then this is not a valid excuse. Let me explain why. Medicare "rules" for power chairs are for use INSIDE of the home, not outside so they will not support you on this issue and the Scooter Store knows this :eek This is also why Medicare won't pay for ramps to get in and out or lifts to transport your chair on your vehicle.

The controls can be adjusted to make them less sensitive, I had this done when my chair was first delivered. The Scooter Store technician had me test drive it for several minutes, including going through doorways and turning around in the kitchen. You can remove the SS stickers yourself. If they won't peel off easily just rub a thin layer of smooth peanut butter on them and leave it on for at least 24 hours before peeling off the stickers.

The oil in the PB should penetrate the sticker and make removal easier.This is what I did to remove mine.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #703695

I haven't read all of the comments but these idiots that deal in these things are making millions just on the batteries alone.They have the batteries rigged to where they go dead if you don't constantly charge them.

Golf courses ,grocery stores and shopping centers have carts and power chairs that simply plug in and charge back up even if they are stone cold dead. A darn forklift will re-charge just by plugging it up to a power source but these idiotic things wont. It's just a scam so they will have to send a tech out and charge Medicare for new batteries which they probably take the like new ones that go dead and just charge them back up and pass them off again anyway. What if your loved one should run out of battery life and be stuck in the yard or in an area they cant get to their meds or oxygen or a phone ?

Something to think about.

I can't believe the junk we let people get away with in this screwed up country these days.Its creeps like these that are the reason why people my age wont even have medicare when we get old or sick.

to Bobby #703912

I totally agree with you about the batteries.I charge my chair every single night like the Scooter Store technician told me to do and it still needs to be replaced every 12-14 months.

I've also had to have the gears that drive the wheels replaced and the controls replaced TWICE.Very expensive parts :cry


My husband, who cannot even walk, went through the Scooter Store to buy a scooter.We paid for it ourselves.

It is now paid in full, however they are sending us invoices saying we still owe.

We don't, and I have proof that it is paid for.We cannot get through to them on any of the phone numbers

to Still young Manistee, Michigan, United States #707982

good luck I have been fighting them for over a year and they say I owe 2500. even though they charged me 2500 more than brocure they said I signed agreement saying I would pay 50, 00 per month for 59 weeks I never signed this they are frauding everyone

Tampa, Florida, United States #612366

i agree totally withcomments above.My electric chair from Scooter Store does not fit through interior or exterior doors without tearing up the chair or the walls and doors.

Worst chair I have had over the 15 years I have needed one.Also wanted/needed a scooter but wouldnt give me one, just the chair


Although I had a beef with the Scooter Store (very slow repair based on part unavailability) I remember them measuring all entrances and interior doorways of my house not once but twice so I don't know why it wasn't noticed that the model yur husband needs won't fit.Because these measurements are clearly documented on the initial paperwork you shouldn't be getting the run-a-round you say you are experiencing.

Have you called the Scooter Store customer service department?The paperwork you received will prove or dis-prove the fit of his scooter through your doorways.


A couple more things about the chairs that the Scooter Store sells, or for that matter that any business sells, the chair has to fit the person too. When they deliver the chairs they measure the doorways and halls.

Also, and I don't know how to describe this but there is a way that if you become stranded a passerby or if you can call sombody you know that can manually push the chair for you.

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