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I contacted the Scooter Store to purchase a power chair around the first of August 2010. They did not tell me they weren't in my Cigna network instead they lied and told me between my Cigna and Medicare I would be covered 100 percent.

They told me since I was approved so quickly all I had to do is see my doctor and within a few weeks I would have my chair.

More than two months later no chair and still they lied. They had the nerve to ask me to see my doctor again out of my pocket.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I know of a similar experience. Please e-mail me at: to further discuss this situation. Maybe we can get something done.

Arvada, Colorado, United States #241512

I could be here all day telling you how terrible customer service with The Scooter Store is, all the way from the call center customer service employees to the Office of The Scooter Store President, but the bottome line is.... They really just don't care about their customers!

Not even customer safety let alone customer satisfication.

Frauds, Scammers, Liars, that's my experience and opinion. I advise you to Contact your State's Office of Attorney General to make formal complaints.


Do you know there are rules these providers must follow before they supply a wheelchair or scooter to you. If they asked you to see your doctor again more than likely you doctor did not complete the paperwork properly.

If its not done properly you cant qualify for one because Medicare would not pay for it. The easiest way is to pay out of pocket for the chair or scooter and trust me you would not have to wait for two months.

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