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We had checked several companies for a mobility chair for my mother who had a stoke earlier in the year. We contacted the Scooter store and her share of cost with her Medi Care would be $700.00, we gave them no more information other than her phone #.

We went to a local company in our town and they offered a chair and went through the process with her with kid gloves and no share of cost. We called the Scooter store and told them we have decided to go with a local company, this is where it really began. Calls from one of the sales people saying oh let me check and there is no share of cost, all the paperwork had been done (how no information had been given.

Where did they get my mom's information from?) Next my mom gets calls from their warehouse trying to set up a delivery appointment for the next day. Crooks against our older generation.

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you are all complete idiots


Mike, your points are well taken. However, when my tax dollars are being spent I don't want to hear about supply and demand or what the market will bear. A company deserves to make a fair profit not gouge taxpayers.


Before you slam tThe Scooter Store, listen to the commercial. They do not promiss anything for free.

If your Dr. will not do the paperwork then that's your problem. They make the process very easy if you have a true need and a Dr. willing to work with them.

Most people who are complaining are doing so because they don't qaulify. The promiss of you keeping the Power wheel chair if Medicare denies you is true. You have to have it to keep.

No business in the World is in the give stuff away for free industry. There is a definate difference between handicap and lazy.


Some of the statements i read here concerning this company is just ridiculous. Someone stated "watch out for these companies that sell mobility chairs, they buy it for like 700-900 and bill Medicare 5,000" What does your sister being an investigator have to do with the price a company decides to sell its products.

I dont work for the scooter store, however, i'm affiliated a similar company. In every business there are risks that must be accounted for. Did you know that when you receive a wheelchair from such companies there is no guarantee that the company will be paid for that chair. And when the company does not get paid for the chair, it becomes pretty much useless to them because they cannot turn around and sell it as a brand new equipment.

How much does it cost to make a nike shoe and what is the selling price. If you don't understand anything about supply and demand please do not comment about pricing. Companies like this work hard to provide services to the elderly and is not even guaranteed payment but some people want to come on this forum and blast companies for stuff that is not their fault. This is America and businesses must earn profit to provide employment.


you have to watch out when it comes to these place selling mobililty chairs. My sister is an investigator for the state of calif, and these mobility chairs only cost $700-$900 brand new but they charge medicare about $5000 for them.




The Scooter Store done her the same way. The scooter store charged my Mom's credit card and she didn't even get the scooter.

She is 89 years old and they have really taken advantage of her. They charged it to her credit card and she kept telling her credit card company that she didn't get it and it ruined her credit while she was fighting it.

They are totally corrupt. We are going to write to the attorney general of Texas.


your mom would have had to call the scooter store in the past. They would not have had her information unless she would have given it to them.


Well she at least got some action. I have submitted two applications about one year ago on the last one, no response on either one.

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