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I need to relay a story so everyone can pass it on. My mother is suffering from bone cancer and is becoming more reliant on a motorized wheelchair more and more every day.

We obtained one from The Scooter Store with seemingly "no hitches". She was approved by them through Medicare and she had to pay for some on her own as well (the part that Medicare wouldn't pick up). The Scooter Store has a well advertised "guarantee" that if Medicare denies a claim, the Scooter Store will cover the claim. NOT TRUE!!!!

They are calling to repossess the power chair because my mother is now being covered by Hospice, and Medicare will now not cover the claim (although it was originally approved). My message is to let everyone know that The Scooter Store does not stand by their "mobility guarantee" and to not recommend them if ever in a situation to have to recommend a place to buy a wheelchair. I will now be searching for a private sale of a used motorized wheelchair for my mother.

It's a shame that businesses falsely advertise to the elderly and people who require these items. I personally feel it's shameful.

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I know several people, including myself who have chairs from the Scooter Store, and completely paid for by medicare and supplemental insurance. I have also had no trouble with having repairs done, the only thing I have ever needed is one new set of batteries and medicare paid for them.

When you call about needing a repair they outright tell you that depending on how far away you are from one of their locations, how long it could take. Unless Medicare paid for the chair, you do have to pay for repairs and service call.

My sister bought one from the Pride company, and lives something like 300 miles from the nearest location and she is always complaining about how much it costs her for batteries, mileage, service call, etc. I kind of laugh because I am her older sister and she won't listen to a word of advice that I give her.


A lot of times Hospice covers such things. Talk to the social worker.


well I just used and outside service and found that the scooter store is no better its all a scam 600.00 for repair of a moter takes 4 weeks to get from mexico...


customer service is deplorable tech.service 100.00 dollers per hour

still weating for parts after 3 weeks


Its clear your mother went on Hospice after she was approved and before the chair was delivered which you should have notified the company of Medicare does not pay for a chiar when someone is on Hospice which i think you already knew just another attempt tomake a company look bad without telling all the story.


They have been in legal trouble before. From our own experience...

they don't care anything at all about patient safety or satisfaction. Not to mention their false advertisements on TV about Customer satisfaction.

My advice....

Take your business elsewhere. They scam and defraud the Medicaid/Medicare system and their customers!


I know of a similar experience. Please e-mail me at: to further discuss this situation. Maybe we can get something done.

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