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If you have to crawl instead of walking, do not buy from them. I have never run into so much incompetence in my life with any one organization.

I used a credit card. The total amount was close to $5,000.00. The scooter arrived damaged. That took 3 weeks to get sorted out and replaced with at least 6 different little girls telling me they were/had taken care of it during that 3 week period. The lift did not arrive at all. Different 6 little girls telling me that they were/had taken care of the problem. I cancelled the lift and bought it locally.

Wrote/called the scooter store and spoke with at least 6 MORE of those giggling idiots, each assuring me that the appropriate amount of some $2100.00 for the cancelled lift was being removed from my credit card. Got my credit card bill a couple of days ago. Guess what? The charge was still there. More phone calls in the past two days. Remember they have now had my money since February 2nd and it is now April 16th.

Do NOT do business with these thieves.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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The commercial does NOT say free. Believe me the people who work for the Scooter Store are very very cautious about following the rules and regulations laid out by Medicare. There is NO fraud.


Plain disgusted, No one can return a phone call 4 times I was advised someone would call me in about 2 days Almost a month later no answer - maybe they can't pay their phone bill. I called Medicare about maybe fraud!


I would question their repair practices. I have found that they will quickly do all your paperwork for you, but when you have an actual breakdown with their chair or scooter, they are hard to find, and even more difficult to get to your location. Sometimes its just better to find someone local who provides the same service.


You may want to LISTEN to what the commercials and you will see that you are incorrect.


I dont know why people have problems, I got my chair for free and the workers at scooter store have been great


free to you is free. they assume that you are not so *** to not know that taxes pay for it. other wise a little bird must drop it at the door.


To Me, the commenter on Jul 13th: If a company has my money, I want the product. On time and not damaged.

LIsten up, MY DEAR, you patronizing ***! Do you work for the bastards?


Free? Hah! They suck in people by lying to them.


Seriously... FREE?

Is there anything in life for free? You guys need to get a life!!

You really need to LISTEN to the commercial. That is not what is said.

As of the scooter arriving is that THEIR fault???

3 wks for a item to be returned and then another shipped out is not very long. Patience, my great to have.


On the commercial they shamelessly boasted about how their scooters were "free". What a dishonest company.

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