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the scooter that i recived kept breaking down the power keeps shutting off while i am in it pluss they try to push the blame on me for some thing i didnot do wrong i dont know homuch i hate the scooter store the battries always die i plan to sue the scooter store for a civil injunction so they will shut down thier intire company and never be allowed to suply chairs in the united states of america i am so pissed and displeased with thier company it hurts me to think any one bought thier supluies good bye now

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Good luck suing the scooter store, you can BARELY spell a 3 letter word.

: )

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357357

To Jimmy:I have dealt with a Jim from The Scooter Store on several occasions. Maybe you are the same one, maybe not.

In any event, each time batteries are replaced by The Scooter Store they make a BOATLOAD of money. They mark up the battery prices and also charge a whopping $200 service fee for 15 or 20 minutes worth of work.

So if you are the Jimmy from The Scooter Store you should be thanking David for contributing to your paycheck and not condoning him for his spelling or battery care. What company loyalty you have Jimmy.


hoveround is the best. I can go to the statue of liberty with.

scooter store i cant. i pick hoveround jimmy.


I can only say that my wish is for all employed by the scooter store are justly rewarded in *** for the way they do such a poor job. They must take frequent breaks as they are not at their phone.

Leave messages and their ignored. Incompetent from the top down, including the CEO. May every hair on your butt turn to thorns. Thank God I told you to stuff it before I got stung.

I hope others discover what a shoddy business this really is. PLEASE HEED MY WARNING


I agree with Jimmy!


i would say that by the way you write with all the miss spellings you do not know how to take care of a power chair. I'm sure you run it all over outside and beat it up when clearly power chairs should be used inside, and the batteries (notice i spelled correctly)need to be charged properly as well

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