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When my great grandmother got her scooter it did not work and they just but my experience was that they would not help me they will not come they always have excuses not to and they are not nice but they will charge you for something that does not work unknown

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“Buyer beware – Scooter Store sells products they don’t have and then holds your money!!!!” I made a purchase - My credit card was hit immediately - They don't have the product - I received an email that they did not have the item and my money would be returned in a week or so????? Shopping cart Product image Description Quantity Price Vilano Bikes - 3 in 1 Tricycle & Learn to Ride Trike1 Vilano Bikes - 3 in 1 Tricycle & Learn to Ride Trike... Read more

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I can't fine any one or a phone number to call for repair every darn number won't work that is on my mother's paper work please a phone number that work, s I am really just mad please call me at 678 316 1885

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last week my chair stopped in the middle of the road,was by myself and I only have 1 leg, I am so sad HELP the battery wont hold a charge,all the bolts fell out from under the seat except one of them,my pouch in the back of my chair came apart inside the seam let go and I can not put anything back there,never had a good experience with the scooter store,I am in need of some serious help what's a guy with only one leg is to do please help me... Read more

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the Scooter Store stopped send me a statement in September and then sent me a statement requiring me to pay the whole amount as I had broken my contract for my agreed upon monthly statement. In the meantime I had sent a check to payment address on an old invoice they cashed the check and still didn't send a statement of my account, of course there is no way to contact them through any of the numbers or email address. I sent in my payments for... Read more

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now I have an idea to help ppl with power wheel chairs if you have a power chair in working condition and would like to help someone in need please contact me at You can also contact me at my website or call me at 304.750.2226 I am wanting to give back because it took a year of my life to get my chair fixed and I know there are ppl still out there fighting with The... Read more

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The motors r going out again, the batteries won't hold a charge they have been changed already and even had to have new charger. The chair is falling apart and no one will do anything to help. Now what r we suppose to do we r stuck with a chair that won't run it gets charged and suddenly stops. It shuts down on its own. It has so many problems and there isn't anything we can do .If my husband didn't need it we wouldn't have gotten it. We should... Read more

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September 3, 2013 The Scooter Store P.O. Box 660115 Dallas, TX 75266-0115 ATT: Cash Funds I just received another invoice from your company stating that I owe $691.86. As you know I had received a refund from you at the beginning of March of this year for $678.77 which you promptly stopped payment costing me $15.00. I then received second check for $678.77 at the end of March this year. When I cashed that check it clearly indicated that you had... Read more

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I purchased a power chair Back in 2012 from this company, when I man cam out he fitted me for a chair, Upon signing the paperwork I saw that the price was 2500 more than what brocure said , I asked him about this and he told me extra cost was for anytime I needed repairs and it would be covered so I thought it was like an insurance policy. I had to have batteries replaced and called them after 3 months of calling back and forth they finally... Read more

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The Scooter stoore man came to my house. He made all his measurements etc. I don't have Medicare but I do have good Insurance. He and I both signed a contract for a chair. The chair was supposed to be no more than $10,000.00 of which I am responcable fo 10%. I got a call from him a couple of weeks later, he told me he was changing the type of chair he was getting for me to one that is LESS expencive.... They brought my chair. It's a nice one,... Read more

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